About TAFE Bitacora

TAFE Bitacora was created by a team enthusiasts who love to travel and freely enjoy the different energy levels and beauty that the world offers.

Our planet has innumerable places filled with high Energy levels waiting to be explored and felt from deep inside your soul! This perspective is rarely approached by those of us belonging to a society in which life is lived in a rush leading us to barely slow down to watch, feel and enjoy what nature, and the World, has to offer. From natural landscapes to amazing places created by civilizations of different periods of the human history., each has a special energy field with a different message to deliver, which we can learn to receive and process. It is because of this reason that we would like to offer you a different travel style, coaching you and supporting you in everything you need to live the experience of you life, one that you never imagined.

Our trips, which we call Routes, are unique. A Route can last from 4 hours to 1 year, it may happen in a park of the town where you live or may be organized in different places of any of the continents of the Planet! Our route may include meditation sessions, special sessions to recharge your energy or may include the visit to art museums. Regardless of the activities included in a specific Route all of them have in common that they are designed specially for you. Your route is organized so you can submerge yourself in the energy of the places that you will visit, helping you to obtain the maximum possible benefit for your whole being.

Each member of our team has the skills, knowledge and attitude to treat you with professionalism, respect, integrity, responsibility, kindness and simplicity. Our goal is to make Your Route, no matter how short or long, no matter how simple or complex, an inevitable experience.

TAFE Bitacora succeeds because we use our own experiences and we take into consideration your personality, needs and wishes when we provide advice to design your route, which results in an memorable trip which allows you to:

  • Travel where you really want to go
  • Travel at your speed without being rushed and without pressures
  • Travel without fear or worries

Your First Step Towards your Dream

Traveling, getting to know and enjoy what this beautiful planet has to offer might not be as difficult and far away as you may be imagining. Contact TAFE Bitacora and discover how to make your dream a reality. Call us today at (407) 748-7606 or send us an email at info@TAFEBitacora.com and we will get back to your shortly. You may also fill out our online form and a representative will take care of you soon!


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