Routes... by TAFE Bitacora

TAFE Bitacora offers you magic paths and relaxation trails, and coordinates everything from a transportation full of your own energy, meals and accommodations, to the tours, visits and activities you would like to experience during your trip, while you relax and enjoy each moment to the fullest.

Join us and discover our wonderfully organized tours and trips for small, medium and large groups.

We would love to take you to secret or hidden places and help you discover trails, landscaping, natural meditation retreats, magical places or special natural places where you'll achieve the energy balance you need for the continuity of life.

We offer trips for all kinds of adventurers who are looking deep inside for experiences or spiritual changes for their own personal evolution.

We design each route according to your desires, guidelines or specifications.

You can also choose from a wide range of routes already designed, such as those of:

  • Mountains and trails
  • Prayer
  • Energy and balance
  • Meditation
  • Cleaning workshops
  • Release workshops (laugh therapy)
  • Shopping
  • Honeymoons
  • Family parks
  • Family parks and shopping
  • Relaxation
  • Quinceaneras
  • Sweet sixteen
  • Beaches

Secure your trip and your destination. We asure you that we will cover all the details to make your trip an amazing experience!

Your safe and happy retur is our goal and greatest reward!








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