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TAFE Bitacora aims at showing you that your dream of traveling around our planet can, and will, come true. We work tireless to provide advice that will make your route an unforgettable one!

Our staff is highly trained and ready to personally assist you. Among the services we offer are:

  • Creating routes according to our clients dreams and advise them so they can reach their destination and enjoy the journey getting the maximun personal benefit.
  • Creating attractive routes to unbelievable destinations that nurture life through nature and raise awareness for conservation.
  • Planning all the details to make the trip pleasant, uncomplicated and unhindered and maximize the enjoyment of quiet emotion.
  • Identifying the best way to reach the chosen destination, from the the economic and physical perspective within the available time frame.
  • Suggesting the best possible hotels in each route, so that our adventurers can travel comfortably and at ease.
  • Providing to our customers a list of documents that must be processed according to the country or countries to visit. This service will be delivered as long as we are authorized to do so.
  • Providing advise in relation to activities that can be conducted and enjoyed on each place to visit.

Everything is energy, and life is no exception. Your life is full of energy and encompass values ​​that you can share with your family, friends, colleagues. Do so in our beautiful planet and get to know our environment. Once we profundly connect to it we intuitively learn how to care for it and protect it.

Dare to venture freely, and count with TAFE Bitacora to freely live unique experiences that can change your life for ever.

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TAFE Bitacora is proud to serve you. We strive to helping you find ways to meet your needs and desires while maintaining high quality services at reasonable prices. Call us today at (407) 748-7606 , email us or fill out our form and we will gladly contact you as soon as possible.



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