Zully Green

It is really hard to briefly talk about a dream that I tried to pursue for such a really long time; a trip I once thought it was just impossible for different reasons; therefore, summarize all the laughs, moments, and experiences I experienced in just two weeks with TAFE Bitacora Group is impossible.

The only word that comes to my mind is thanks for giving me the opportunity to have in front of me the landscapes, museums, streets, stores that I had only the opportunity to admire through magazines, pictures, and movies. Thank you TAFE Bitacora for giving me the opportunity to accomplish a goal and a dream I was looking for a long time, for putting together with patience, love and dedication not only a trip to visit wonderful places, but also to meet people from diverse cultures that are full of beautiful energy.

A trip that took me to reflect on who I am, understanding that I should not allow the daily stress we live in and the past take me away from that person and life I once dreamed of. An experience that though me how important is just to be and live between the craziness that involves our society these days, giving me much joy and believing everything is possible.

Truly hoping I can count on you in the near future to have more adventures in wonderful places full of energy.


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